Having started life primarily as a crown and bridge laboratory, we have a team of extremely experienced and highly skilled crown and bridge technicians.  Using tried-and-tested, traditional methods we produce bonded porcelain and full gold restorations alongside our other high end products.


We specialise in CADCAM design, for which we either mill or 3D print in-house as well as laser sinter. This produces high accuracy in fit as well as uniformed strength and is reflected in a large amount of production being all porcelain.

All Porcelain

Due to high expectations in aesthetics we have invested heavily in all porcelain restorations, from single units to multi-span bridge work.  We use a variety of products including Emax, layered zirconia and full zirconia in varying degrees of strength and translucency, depending on how extreme the bite is.   If you’d like to speak to us regarding these or would like more information on any of our products, please give us a call.